Buyers Guide For Outdoor Bar Stools

The warmer months call for some much-needed fun outside by soaking up the sun and getting outdoors. What better way to enjoy this than by entertaining your friends and family outdoors at home? Whether it be a casual Sunday brunch with your family or a lively evening party with your friends, you need the right furniture to host such fun times, such as outdoor bar stools.


 Aero Outdoor Bar Stool


Modern, stylish, and accommodating, outdoor stools not only brighten up the look of your outdoor space but are also very functional. Outdoor bar stools are specifically designed to withstand the test of time and our harsh Australian weather conditions, and help create a comfortable and functional entertaining space.


If you're thinking about buying outdoor stools for your outdoor space, look no further because we've compiled a thorough guide that highlights the best tips and advice to help you choose the best outdoor bar stools!


Factors To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Perfect Outdoor Bar Stools

There are a few things you should consider before choosing the right outdoor bar stools. Materials, seat height and functionality being the most important along with some other important considerations, so lets get into it.


1. Materials & Durability

Here at Bar Stool Home, we believe the most important factor to consider when buying outdoor bar stools is the material the stools are made of. Outdoor stools come in a wide range of materials, each varying from the other on the basis of their durability, functionality, comfort, and style.


Talking about durability, some of the best options you can go for are polypropylene plastic (PP), resin and wicker. Wood, albeit timeless and chic, is not as durable as the other materials and will require more maintenance.


When it comes to outdoor furniture, you want it to be weatherproof so that it doesn’t get damaged and remains in good condition for years to come. We believe the best materials are plastic/resin and wicker. Outdoor stools made from these materials will hold up well under Australia’s harshest weather conditions.



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 2. Bar Stool Seat Height

The bar stool seat height is one of the most important factors to consider and get right. The correct seat height will mean you and your guests are able to sit comfortably. Too low and you could find yourself having to reach up awkwardly to a bench, and too high could see your thighs trying to squeeze under the bench.


There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right seat height including:

  • Your bench height
  • Your preferred leg/thigh clearance
  • Your preferred seat height


Head over to our guide on How To Choose The Right Height Bar Stools for some great tips and advice on how to get this right.


3. Functionality

Always keep functionality top of mind when purchasing outdoor bar stools. You need to determine how much outdoor space you have, how many bar stools you need, and what kind of bar stools can fit into that space before making your purchase. 


If your outdoor space is smaller, it may be better to go for backless bar stools that are smaller in design. But if you have plenty of space, then you will have more flexibility with larger designed bar stools and will be able to accommodate additional features such as bar stools with backrests or armrests.


TOP TIP! Try to purchase outdoor stools that are lightweight so that you can easily place them inside during the cooler months. If they are stackable bar stools, even better! Outdoor bar stool materials that are relatively easy to carry and move around are typically the plastic/resin designs.


4. Comfort

Who would want to lounge on a bar stool that is uncomfortable? If you're looking for a bar stool for your outdoor space, you'll need one that will seat you and your guests comfortably.


If comfort is important to you, then bar stools with a backrest would be good option which allows you to lean back and relax. Backless bar stools on the other hand, don't allow this and can get uncomfortable especially when seated for long periods of time.


In terms of the seat, upholstered cushioning is the most comfortable option. However, it would not be durable enough for outdoor use and you would most likely need to remove the cushions when not in use. Many of the great quality plastic/resin bar stools are ergonomic in design and have contoured seating and backrests which make these surprisingly comfortable.


5. Style

There are many styles you can go for when choosing bar stools for your outdoor space and it really comes down to your own preference. Some people like matching their outdoor style to their indoor style to maintain consistency and flow, while others prefer having a different outdoor style.


Things to consider are the materials, the colour, the design including the bar stool features such as backrests, footrests and armrests. 


Whatever style you go with, when choosing outdoor stools, remember to consider both functionality and comfort, as well as the style you are looking for.


6. Easy Maintenance

When it comes to outdoor furniture, it’s no surprise that the weather is the main factor that will impact the longevity and condition. Therefore, regular maintenance is always necessary, however, this doesn’t need to be strenuous or difficult if you select the right materials.


Wooden outdoor stools require regular maintenance. Plus, they are quite easily impacted by food and drink spills. Thus, it is harder to maintain wooden outdoor bar stools.


On the other hand, bar stools made from plastic/resin are very easy to maintain and often just need a spray down with a hose. These bar stools do not get affected by food or drink spills and can easily withstand Australia's weather conditions. Therefore, plastic/resin bar stools emerge as the victors in our search for the most easily maintainable outdoor bar stools.


7. Quality & Price

We would highly recommend investing in outdoor bar stools that are durable, weatherproof, and long-lasting. If you purchase outdoor bar stools that aren't durable or weatherproof and are often on the cheaper side, they will require greater maintenance, will need replacing much sooner and will be more expensive in the long run.


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Selecting the right outdoor bar stools for your outdoor space might seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be when you have the right guidance and advice. Remember to prioritise materials and durability, seat height and functionality first as these are the most important factors to consider when purchasing your outdoor bar stools.


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Happy Shopping!