Finding Long-lasting Bar Stools Perfect For the Hospitality Industry


When operating a business in the hospitality industry, every detail matters and that certainly includes your bar stools. Sure, you probably have a general idea of what you are looking for, whether that be wooden, white or black bar stools, but what about the finer details such as the height, the style, the material and whether you want your stools to swivel? Worry not, we have you covered. Here are a list of styles and features to consider when selecting bar stools for hospitality businesses.


Choosing quality materials that will withstand the test of time is a must in the hospitality industry. Replacing your stools can be expensive, time consuming and stressful so longevity is a must-have feature. Consider materials such as wood and metal as these are strong and long-lasting without compromising on style. For a modern yet durable design choose industrial, wooden, rattan and hamptons bar stools.


Before choosing which stools you like best, you have to consider the purpose. Will the stool be used when eating a meal, when waiting for a table, or for guests who are gathering in the bar area? If your customers are sitting down to eat, comfort is essential. Comfortable stools will heighten their experience and increase their chances of returning to eat again. Industrial bar stools are a great choice in restaurant areas because they look great and are very comfortable. Consider a metal base with a leather, padded seat, or a wooden stool that has been ergonomically designed to complement the shape of the body.


For stools that are used at the bar and in areas where customers are likely to be on the move, swivel bar stools are a fantastic choice. Your customers will be able to chat with friends and order a drink at the bar without ever needing to leave their seat. An adjustable height is beneficial for customers who have come for a meal. Both adults and children have varying heights and eating preferences, and having the flexibility to sit as high or low to the table as they like will guarantee to make them feel at ease.

Additional Features

Once you have the fundamentals covered, it's time to look at the extra details. Would you like your stools to have no back, a low back or a high back? What about armrests - would you like those? Again, these answers depend on the purpose. For restaurant areas such as kitchen bar stools, a high back with no armrests would be optimal. If you need bar stools for your hospitality business you may find that choosing breakfast bar stools with a lower backrest could be better.

How to shop for your Dream Stools

Now you have decided which style and features you like, it's time to get browsing. For high quality, long-lasting, modern styles, browse the collection here at Bar Stool Home.

With an array of designs and colours, you are sure to find something to suit your style.