Best Industrial Bar Stools - Where Style Meets Comfort

Are you looking for stylish yet comfortable bar stools for your home but are unsure of where to start? Do not stress, we are here to discuss everything you need to know about industrial bar stools so you can shop with confidence.

Let’s Start at the Beginning - What is an Industrial Style?

The industrial trend is a style of decor that has grown immensely in popularity in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Characterised by its exposed, raw materials such as metal and wood, industrial bar stools are hard wearing, sturdy and easy to maintain. An industrial style brings charm and authenticity to your home, making it a timeless choice of decor.

Finding Decor and Furniture to Match Your Style

The wonderful thing about style is that it is completely personal to you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to style so whether you choose to coordinate your furniture and decor or introduce contrasting pieces is completely up to you. 

The industrial style is a great choice to combine with other design ideas that you may have. The solid, natural colours of industrial bar stools create a good base for you to incorporate pieces of colour and contrast elsewhere.

Getting the Balance Right Between Style and Practicality

Often homeowners believe they have to choose between style and practicality, but this is not the case. With some smart choices and research, you can build a home that looks great and also fulfils your needs. Industrial bar stools provide a great middle ground. Why not choose a metal base but a cushioned seat? Or a wooden seat that is shaped for optimum comfort? 

Main Types of Materials Used in an Industrial Style

Industrial styling is a raw, almost unfinished decor that embraces the architectural elements within a space. The main materials used for industrial bar stools include reclaimed wood, metal and leather. These versatile materials can be used in a variety of ways to produce a diverse range of stools.

How to Choose Your Favourite Features

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the perfect bar stool for your home. Choose between:

  • Swivel or stationary seat
  • Fixed seat height or adjustable
  • Backless or with a backrest

With such a diverse range of stools on the market, it can be beneficial to decide on these features before you start shopping as you can narrow down the search.

Our Top 5 Industrial Bar Stools

The Parker Industrial Bar Stool

A classic example of an industrial style with black metal legs and a wooden seat. With several wood colours available, you are sure to find a stool you love.

The Bruno Industrial Bar Stool Swivel

A fantastic choice if you are looking for the freedom of a swivel chair and the support of a backrest. With a black frame and wooden seat, this is a seamless choice.

The Cody Industrial Counter Stool

To balance comfort with style, the Cody Industrial Counter Stool is the one for you. The cushioned seat, supportive back and black metal frame make for a popular choice.

The Michael Industrial Counter Stool 

If you want a stool that is guaranteed to match your decor this is the one for you. With a black steel base and seat, you can incorporate pops of colour elsewhere, confident that your stools are sure to match.

The Porter Industrial Bar Stool

With a metal frame and leather seat, the Porter Industrial Bar Stool combines minimalism with sophistication. The simplistic design is comfortable and stylish - the perfect combination.