How to Care for PU Leather Bar Stools


Polyurethane Leather, otherwise known as PU Leather, has become a prevalent form of Faux Leather that is being used across the globe in multiple industries. From Fashion to Home Furnishings, PU Leather can be found in an expansive variety of products including many of the Bar Stools we sell here at Bar Stool Home. PU Leather is preferred and popular in Home Furnishings because it is fairly common and a much more cost-effective alternative to real leather.



Caring for PU Leather is essential if you want to prolong the life of your Bar Stools and maintain their quality. This can be done in various ways, such as using a non-abrasive cloth to clean your Bar Stools or keeping it away from direct sunlight, to name a few.


What Is PU Leather?

PU Leather is one form of Faux Leather, which is another name for synthetic or artificial leather. It is typically made from thermoplastic polymer and a backing fabric, such as cotton or shredded leather. It is preferred for use by many because it is flexible compared to other Faux Leathers, and more importantly, appears like real leather as it can get wrinkled the same way.



Another type of Faux Leather that is considered tougher, less pliable, and more durable is PVC Leather, which is commonly referred to as Vinyl. This has more layers compared to PU Leather, including a foam layer, skin layer, and a plastic-based coating as well.


Both these forms of Faux Leather appear and act differently from real leather, where PU Leather resembles real leather more closely. In general, the major difference between real and multiple types of Faux Leather is that real leather is made from animal hides (oxen, cattle, buffalo), whereas Faux Leather has a plastic base that is combined with dyes and wax, among other materials.


What Happens If PU Leather Is Not Cared For?

PU leather can sustain significant damage if your Bar Stools are not cleaned and maintained properly over the years. The image below illustrates peeling away of the first layer of PU leather, which can happen due to sunlight exposure and not being cleaned using the proper chemicals.



PU leather can also begin to fade because over time, the coating shifts as skin repeatedly comes into contact with it. If damage to PU Leather is not prevented in time, it can become permanent. In such cases, you may have to replace the leather on your Bar Stools.



Regular Maintenance Is Key!

To make sure your PU Leather Bar Stools do not receive permanent damage, you must clean them regularly using the right chemicals and cloth, as well as avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


If you have pets, then you should keep away from your Leather Bar Stools as long as possible, for their claws can give permanent damage.


Top Tips To Care For PU Leather

Fret not, as there are multiple ways that you can keep your PU Leather Bar Stools looking fresh for years to come. 


  • Make sure that your PU leather products avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible. This is because the UV rays of the sun can dry out the PU Leather, which leads to cracks in the surface. If not repaired timely, these cracks can lead to rips in the surface of the leather


  • Avoid using certain chemicals to clean, such as bleach, that are incredibly damaging to PU Leather. In this sense, caring for PU Leather is a lot like caring for the human skin; do not use harsh chemicals and make sure the leather surface does not dry out.


  • Use a non-abrasive cloth for cleaning the leather to avoid scratching the surface of the leather and further protect it from cracks and rips.


An important thing to note is to always test clean a section of the leather first to make sure that the cloth and chemicals being used to clean do not damage the leather.


Steps On How To Clean PU Leather

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to maintain and care for your PU Leather Bar Stools at home:


  • To begin with, take a non-abrasive cloth and soak it in warm water. Use this to now wipe down the surface of your PU Leather Bar Stools to remove dirt and dust particles directly from the item’s surface. Normally, this is enough to clean up PU Leather Bar Stools as it is easier to do so in comparison with real leather, which requires more effort for cleaning.


  • If you see a stain on your PU Leather Bar Stools, you should use a soap bar or liquid detergent to gently scrub and clean the grime. These items will not damage your Bar Stools, but it's important to test it out in a small area to make sure. The best thing to do is to use unscented cleaning products and avoid harsh chemicals.


  • Once the stain has been removed, remember to take a wet cloth to wipe away the detergent or soap from the item. This ensures no soap or detergent remains on the surface which can sustain damage. After wiping away the soap, let the item dry completely before use, and voila, it's all brand new!




The most important aspect of caring for PU Leather Bar Stools is to practice preventative care. This means regular maintenance of your Bar Stools and following all the simple tips and advice mentioned in this article. Once you make a habit out of maintaining your PU Leather Bar Stools, they will last for years to come!


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