How To Choose Outdoor Bar Stools for Summer Entertaining

For a great time outside this summer, it's essential to have some comfortable seating for your friends and family to feel at home. Space saving yet stylish and practical, outdoor bar stools are the perfect choice. Gone are the days of buying bar stools for indoor spaces only and it's time to change the game with outdoor bar chairs.

But where do you begin? How do you decide what features to go for? And how do you ensure that your guests will feel comfortable? Rest assured, we have you covered. Let's take a look at some of the most important things you need to watch out for;


Strength and longevity is a must when choosing outdoor stools. Whether you are hosting a barbecue or an evening party, you need an outdoor table and bar stool that will suit your space. Raw materials such as metal and wood are sure to have the strength and durability needed to withstand any amount of use. And the best part? These materials fit in seamlessly with any design scheme. For easy storage when the entertainment is over, consider a stackable design that can easily be placed in a garage, shed or other storage area.

Seat Height

Often overlooked, the seat height is key when choosing outdoor stools. If you have a table or bench, it's important to ensure that the stools are low enough for your guests' legs to fit comfortably underneath yet high enough for them to access the table or bench without feeling like a child. Getting the seat height right will optimise the comfort of your guests. If your outdoor seating will have multiple uses, consider stools with an adjustable height.


Consider what bar stools will suit your summer entertaining needs. Will your guests be eating food? Will the afternoon or evening be more relaxed? Once you have identified the main purpose of your outdoor stools, you can look at different functionality options. For socialising, a swivel option would be beneficial. For eating or relaxing, you'll find a backrest and armrests to be best. As a perch for guests on the move, a backless design is optimal.


Of course you want your outdoor entertainment space to look aesthetically great. With a varied range of bar stools available to choose from, you have the pick of the bunch. For an industrial theme, choose dark wood, metal and leather. For beach vibes, opt for light colours, wood and rattan. Ensure that you have your design scheme in mind when browsing as this will make the decision-making easier. And remember, you don't need to choose the same stools, you could mix and match designs to separate the areas of your garden.

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Keeping these things in mind will enable you to find your perfect outdoor bar table and outdoor bar table set. Finding bar stools for Summer entertaining has never been easier so take a look at Bar Stool Home's designs and get some inspiration for your own outdoor space!