Top 5 Bar Stool Trends for Summer 2022

Here at Bar Stool Home we know that the holidays are approaching, and you know what that means! That's right: You get great food, delightful company, and good times. But first, you have the preparation. That's the decorating, the gift buying, the planning…the stuff of nightmares. If you're hosting, part of those preparations will be about your home. You want your favourite relatives to be nice and cosy, and you don't want to give your less-than-wonderful relatives anything to complain about!

Good hosting involves comfortable seating, and the comfiest, trendiest seating for this summer is the bar stool. They're compact, they're stylish, and with us selling the finest wooden bar stools in Australia, you can choose the perfect ones to suit your needs and style. Here's how.


Outdoor bar stools are absolutely in vogue right now. It's the perfect blend of classy and fun. If you have a pool, patio, yard, or another ideal outdoor area, you can prepare it for this summer with a stylish upgrade that will get years of use.

For an outdoor setting, you'll want to lean towards natural materials that can handle the weather. If your outdoor area is covered, you can spring for wooden kitchen stools. If you're celebrating out in the sun, however, you'll want something hardier to manage the weather. Rattan bar stools, for instance, have a classic and charming look. If your style is a bit more modern, you can spring for some sleek plastic or resin stools instead.

Keep it Cosy

Whether you're out enjoying the sun or nice and cool indoors, you want your bar stools to be great for chatting the day away. That means choosing comfortable designs. Many bar stools come with padded cushions that both add a splash of colour or texture and also maximise comfort. You'll also want your bar stools to come with a footrest to avoid sore thighs.

Will you and yours be having your big holiday meals in the kitchen too? If so, make sure your bar stools account for comfort while eating too. Look for a model that's a good height for leaning over your meal comfortably. You may consider our swivel bar stools with backs so guests can enjoy their food comas without getting up!

Lookin' Good

You wouldn't be caught dead with unfashionable furniture, right? We know. You want a set that matches your aesthetic.

If you live particularly close to the water, you probably already have a tasteful Coastal theme going. Plenty of refreshing greens and blues, lots of white, and lots of sea-inspired patterns and textures. Wood swivel bar stools are perfect for that look, especially if they're whitewashed and have a rich blue cushion. For a subtler, more luxurious style, check out Hamptons bar stools instead!

No Messes

The holidays can get a bit chaotic! To avoid any spills that might stain your lovely new kitchen bar stools, choose something easy to clean for the kitchen. If people will be eating, consider metal or black leather bar stools. For outdoor seating, you can easily vacuum or hose off rattan or resin stools.

New Year, New Feel

Why not welcome in the new year with a hearty toast around the kitchen island or poolside? Bar stools really highlight that feeling of celebration and revelry that comes with New Year's.