Rattan - The Latest Trends & What To Look For

Shopping for the right bar stool can often prove trickier than it seems. The diverse range of heights, features and materials are enough to give anyone a headache. But worry not, when it comes to materials, you cannot go wrong with rattan stool.

That’s right, Rattan truly has the IT factor and is fashionable, affordable and durable - three essential qualities! Continue reading to discuss the latest trends and what to look for in a rattan stool.

What is Rattan?

Let's start at the beginning and discuss Rattan as a material. Often confused with wicker and cane, Rattan is a species of plant that thrives in a tropical environment such as Africa, Asia and Australia. An easy material to work with, it can be bent and carved without stress which makes it a popular choice to create furniture. 

Benefits of Choosing a Rattan Bar Stool

Rattan furniture items such as bar stools are ideal for homes where the furniture is subject to daily usage. Benefits of choosing a Rattan bar stool include:


As a material, Rattan is naturally very strong, durable and water resistant. It produces a sturdy bar stool that will last the test of time. Fewer joints are needed during furniture construction than required with other materials.

Styling Options

A versatile material to work with, Rattan can easily be woven into various surfaces and naturally comes in a variety of shades depending on the type that is used.


In a home where you are needing to move your bar stools regularly, Rattan is the material for you. It is light in weight so is easy to move and handle.

Rattan is Becoming Increasingly Popular in the World of Decor

Rattan has quickly found itself to be one of the most popular trends in the world of decor, with more and more Australians incorporating it into their homes. The fresh, natural aesthetic allows you to bring a slice of the great outdoors into your home and optimise natural light. Additionally, because natural rattan is often handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly the same and are distinctive, natural, and attractive in appearance.

Choosing neutrals such as Rattan for your bar stools is a great way to style your home. Creating a solid base with such a timeless material enables you to restyle and add contrasting pieces elsewhere. Whether your kitchen is white, black, grey or other, a Rattan bar stool is guaranteed to fit in seamlessly.

Not only will the neutral colour bring a beach vibe to your home, but Rattan is also a great way to add texture to the home in 2022. The kitchen is often a space with many flat surfaces and can be spruced up by adding the curves of a Rattan bar stool.

What To Look For In A Rattan Bar Stool

When it comes to choosing a rattan bar stool for your home, it is important to understand the features that you are looking for. If the stool is used for long periods, a backrest can provide great support. If not, a backless stool will usually be sufficient. 

Consider what colour would match your style preference and existing decor. The warm, wooden tones of natural Rattan can provide a relaxed ambience in the home or you can choose a hybrid with white or black legs. The beautiful thing about style is that it is completely personal to you and that there is no right or wrong.

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