5 Tips for Purchasing the Right Swivel Bar Stool

Why You Need a Swivel Bar Stool

For the homeowners looking to create a casual and carefree entertaining space, furnishing your home with swivel bar stoolsis an easy way to create that easy-going atmosphere. The flexibility and comfort provided by wood swivel bar stools is second to none and by setting a room up with multiple stools your guests can chat and drink wherever they put the stool down. Swivel bar stools also provide the freedom to access as many kitchen workstations as possible all while comfortably seated. The range of swivel bar stools Australia has access to on Bar Stool Home continues to grow, with Bar Stool Home being the best one stop shop for all your swivel bar stool needs.

Our Top 5 Tips for Purchasing the Right Swivel Bar Stool:

Consider the Height

It can be a nightmare to buy any furniture piece and then find out it isn't suitable for the room you're placing it in. With bar stools this may not seem like such a big issue, however, you want the best bar stool in order to see maximum benefits. Understanding the height of your bench to choose the right height bar stool.

Check the Materials

Like buying any piece of furniture, always know just what exactly it is you are purchasing. Read the product information and ensure you know the materials that make up the bar stool. Wood swivel bar stools will fit a more traditional room but might not be exactly what you're looking for comfort wise. A leather black swivel bar stool can provide that hint of sleek that your room might be missing. The range of timber swivel bar stools Australia has available may be all the persuasion you need.

The Features

Some bar stools are available with extras features that might be worth considering; an armrest or a backrest might be exactly what you're looking for. Think about what extra features will be in-line with your wants out of purchasing a swivel stool, and then compare that to the offering that Bar Stool Home provides.

The Swivel Mechanism

Look at how the swivel of your stool operates from product photos; will a lever be easy enough for you to use or would it be better to go with a simpler mechanism? It is also an option to forgo the swivel mechanism entirely and have a stool that maintains the same height.

Check Reviews

There's no better way to get a feel for the stool you'll be purchasing than seeing what others have said. Weigh up other customer experiences and see whether it would line up the vision you have of your furnished room. Check out the customer reviews page for our testimonials.

What to do Next?

The next step for any would-be swivel bar stool owner is to take all the tips presented in this article and make an informed decision. After making your purchase its time to invite round your guests and see the difference that swivel bar stools make on any social occasion. Or consider cooking up your first meal with the flexibility that you're now provided; set up your cooking station and see just how easy it is to switch from station to station. We hope that your stool is perfect whether you need swivel stools in Melbourne, swivel stools in Sydney, swivel stools in Brisbane.